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141st Season



Thursday Evenings, 7.00-9.00 pm, University of Manchester, Stopford Building/Medical School
M13 9PT (corner of Oxford Road and Aker Street next to the Holy Name Church).
Meetings take place in the new facility of the Anatomy & Histology unit providing access to microscopes, slides, books, computers and projection.
During Covid-19 pandemic meetings will take place virtually via Zoom (contact President)

(MAPS: How to find us at  Streetmaps)

  • See Previous Meetings to view our successful All Day Summer Meeting 2019 and Anglesey Exhibition

  • 2020
  • November 12 (Thursday) MEETING on Zoom
    • Members Exhibits, Slide & Book Library

  • December 10 (Thursday 8pm) Meeting on Zoom
    • Microscopy Now & Future / Condensor Mount / Lightsheet DIC, +++      ... great turnout!
    •  MMS hosting Zoom meeting   Click ^ Microscopy Now & Future (Mike Mahon)

    • See Images page .. DIC (Gordon Brown)        Zeiss Lighsheet (Chris Power)

  • 2021

  • January 21 (Thursday 7.30pm) Meeting on Zoom
    • Members Exhibits, Chat, Slide & Book Library
    • Gordon Brown - DIY Auto Stacking Equipment
    • Dave Furness - Electron Microscopes in the Garage

  • February 25* (Thursday 7.30pm) Meeting on Zoom *date change

    • Members Exhibits & Chat
    • Another great Zoom meeting including attendees from the Quekett & the USA !
    • Jeffrey Silverman on Antique Microscopes;  Robert Ratford on Sorting the Workshop;  Gordon Brown/Andy Johnston on Earwig Wings;  Mike Mahon on USB Microscopes; Chris Power on Lightsheet Time-Lapse Microscopy;
      Michael Gilligan - Web Links


        See also our updated 'Web Links' and 'Images' pages

  • March 18 (Thursday)
    • 7.30pm:  141st Annual General Meeting (including 140th AGM)
    • 8.15pm:  Exhibits - chat & items of interest (equipment, specimens, images) Rasberry Pi Photography / World Microscopy Day / 3D Printing Microscope Parts / Timelapse Seed Growth / Mystery Antique Microscope / Zeiss Books .... .... ....
      (See Links on Homepage)
    • Approved Minutes AGM (139) 2019
    • Approved Minutes AGM (140/141) 2020-2021
  • April 13 (Tuesday)
    • Topics & Location - to be announced




Everyone welcome - feel free to bring a friend or two. Non-members and members of other Societies are welcome. The Society's library will be available at all meetings and includes copies of our Newsletters and literature on microscopic history, as well as many books on microscopy and natural history.

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