Manchester Microscopical & Natural History Society


(Numbers (eg 29k) refer to the size of the image, please acknowledge source of any images used)

  • Bone (Half Polarised -MM) 29k
  • Blood Smear (Differential Interference Contrast -MM) 31k 173k
  • Copper EM Grid (RMS - Reflectance - MM) 48k 67k
  • Dancer Portrait (Daguerrotype -JBD) 35k
  • Dancer Portrait (Microphotograph 33 -JBD) 17k 81k
  • Dancer Microscope (c 1855 -MM) 63k
  • Diatoms (Star arrangement by KD Kemp -MM) 14k 128k
  • Diatoms (Triangle arrangement by RI Firth -MM)
  • Crystals (Magnesium Cyanide - Polarising -MM) 31k 203k
  • Fairy Fly (Darkground)
  • Muscle fibres (Phase Contrast) 32k
  • The Departure (Microphotograph 57 - Dancer) 23k
  • The Return (Microphotograph 59 - Dancer)
  • The Moon (Microphotograph - EM) 14k 80k
  • Commemorative Roy Winsby Microslide (Diatoms - Kemp -MM) 50k  250k

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