Pictures Of Proceedings for the meeting - A full report on this meeting will be published in Micro Miscellanea



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Tools of the trade


What they used to use


The presenters


Anthers in alcohol

Anthers removed, Pollen sediment in alcohol

Pollen in stained Glycerol Jelly

The three tubes together

The slide on the hotplate

Putting the Pollen-Glycerol Jelly onto the slide

Lowering the coverslip onto the specimen

The slide with specimen and coverslip

The slide on the turntable

Putting the protective ring on the slide  

Putting a protective ring on the slide (spinning)

The finished slide (unmounted)

The labelled slide

Hollyhock Pollen

More Hollyhock Pollen

The inside of a Pollen Grain

Lily Pollen

Pine Pollen

Mushroom Spores

Two day's growth - wet shave

Two day's growth - electric shave



Steve ringing


The finished slide


I donít see anything


Here it is


It was this big


No, it was this big




a critical eye