Manchester Microscopical & Natural History Society


Welcome to the Society's Web site.

The Society was founded nearly 140 years ago to provide for the pursuits of those interested in microscopy and natural history. Today it has around 100 members and provides meetings where talks are given by amateurs or professionals and members can provide exhibits, exchange gossip, just keep in touch, use the library or buy small goods. Sometimes we also have a microscope auction of donated microscopes old and new. We have also produced since 1980 a 4 times yearly Newsletter (Micro Miscellanea) [temporarily suspended due to the recent death of the editor] , the occasional book or booklet on hints and tips or items of local historical interest, and this Internet site.

New members are always welcome, to attend meetings, contribute to the Society or just to be kept informed of what's going on. You need no prior knowledge of the subjects, just an interest in Microscopy or Natural History.

Page Last Updated - 3 April 2017 (MM)